Historical (Cadestral) Maps

As a compliment to parish register research and transcription of land books, these maps and ledgers containing detailed property descriptions cannot be overstated. By themselves, the maps provide an invaluable orientation tool for any intended visit to a village They are a tool to insure that the villages which are visited are in fact correct.

Furthermore, these maps are a snapshot of an exact place at a precise point in time. Descendants of Bohemian emigrants, provided they know the correct village or town and house number, can see the shape of the house, the size of the courtyard, the number of fields, and the type of crops that were grown (i.e., orchard, timber, grain).

Indication Sketches (Indikační Skizzy) - $120/each

You will receive a CD containing very high resolution (300 pixels/inch) digital pictures (pdf or jpeg format).. $120/Village (IS File) or $160/Town (IS files exceeding 12 panels).

These maps also include a detailed explanation of the map along with a guide to help identify the house(s) where an ancestor had lived (provided the house number(s) is known). These fees also include postage and handling.

The practical reasoning for obtaining these images is the ever increasing need to preserve this particular fund of hand made maps. They are currently being digitized by the Czech Archives, but is is uncertain to what extent they will then be available in the form we are now able to make ourselves.

Printed Colour Copies = $49/hour

It is also still possible to obtain letter size colour copies of the inhabited portion of a specific village, along with the cover panel, and a detailed guide to help identify the house(s) where an ancestor had lived (provided the house number(s) is known). This offer is limited to a maximum of 8 letter size colour copies. It should also be understood that copies of a whole panel to letter size requires that it be reduced to 78%.

Stable Cadester Research = $39/hour

In addition to the offer described above, all land parcels (fields, meadows, pastures, etc.) belonging to an individual house/possessor can be located and described. The cost for this additional research in the Stable Cadastre is $39/hr.. Typically, this requires 5 hours, depending on the extent of a possessorís holdings. The cadastres contain related data, from the same period, that corresponds directly to the Indication Sketches.

In most cases, topographic numbers of parcels, their surface area, the type of agricultural land can be identified, and in some cases brief mention of transfer, or subsequent change of use.

Finally: It should be understood that approximately 2% of these sketches are missing. In the event one of your villages will fall into this category, we will offer suggestions for alternate historical maps, or a full refund.